When your home appliances break down, you cannot afford to wait. You need service right away, and you need to know that the diagnosis will be correct and the repairs will be performed promptly.

You also need to know that the repair work will last, and that the technician who services your appliances is up to the task. When you call Appliance Max for your appliance repair needs, you will get all of those assurances and much more. We are the appliance repair experts in the Venice, FL region, and you can rely on our expertise to put things right and keep them that way.

Is Your Fridge on the Fritz?

It gets pretty hot in Venice, and that only ramps up the need for quality refrigeration. When your fridge is on the fritz or your freezer is not working, you cannot afford to let much time pass.

In no time at all, everything in your refrigerator or freezer will start to thaw out, and that could mean discarding hundreds of dollars worth of meats and other foods. Before that happens, give Appliance Max a call – we will be right over, and we will start working right away. We can even fix your wine cooler and ice machine, so you can keep your cool all summer long.

Are You Cooking?

The warm weather and abundant sunshine of the Venice, FL area means lots of cooking on the grill, but there are times you need to take the meal preparation inside. If you turn on the stove or fire up the oven, you expect those appliances to respond.

If you do not get the response you expect, just give Appliance Max a call. We service all major appliance manufacturers, including leading stove and oven manufacturers. We also service microwaves, so you can enjoy your favorite foods faster than ever.

We Have All Your Appliances Covered

From the stove and oven in your kitchen to the refrigerator and freezer, we have you covered, but Appliance Max does not stop there. We also service all major makes and models of garbage disposals, as well as most washers and dryers. We can even fix your water heater, so you can enjoy a cool refreshing shower after a long day in the Venice heat.

At Appliance Max, we are your appliance repair experts. From emergency repairs to your refrigerator and freezer to diagnosis and maintenance for your oven, stove and water heater, we are always here to help. We live here too, and we are ready when you need us.


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