From the refrigerator in your kitchen to the ice maker in your garage or den, you rely on your home appliances to provide you with fresh milk, cold snacks and delicious leftovers. When those refrigeration appliances stop working, your entire home is turned upside down. Suddenly those leftovers are not so attractive, and the milk in the fridge is threatening to turn bad.

When your refrigeration appliances break down, you need to get them fixed right away. Being without those appliances, even for just a day, is a major convenience to your family.

Expert Appliance Repair — Two Locations to Serve You

With two convenient locations to serve you, Appliance Max is ready to provide the expert repair you need. Whether your fridge is on the fritz or your ice maker has stopped serving up cubes, we will come to your home, diagnose the problem and get you back in business as quickly as possible.

We have access to a wide variety of replacement parts, speeding repairs and reducing any inconvenience you may experience. Whether you live in Sarasota, Venice or somewhere in between, you can rely on Appliance Max to fix your refrigeration appliances right the first time.


At Appliance Max, we repair all kinds of refrigerators, from built-in appliances and compact models to large restaurant style appliances. If your fridge is on the fritz, just give us a call and let us fix it.


Having your freezer break down is a big deal, especially if the appliance is stocked with meat and other costly grocery items. Just give us a call for the expert freezer repairs you need.

Ice Makers

From the built-in ice maker on your fridge to standalone appliances, Appliance Max has the expertise needed to make the needed repairs. Whether the ice maker stopped working altogether or is no longer making the cubes and crushed ice you need, just give us a call for expert repairs and service.

Specialty Refrigerators

From the compact fridge in your garage to the beer cooler in your den, Appliance Max can service it all. Whether you need an expert diagnosis or a fast repair, you can rely on our expertise and fast service.

Wine Cooler Repair

You do not have to be a wine snob to enjoy the convenience of a wine cooler. Having a specialty wine refrigerator in your home is great, but not when the appliance stops working. If you need service for your wine refrigerator, just give Appliance Max a call. We service all makes and models, so you can enjoy your favorite vintage at the appropriate temperature.

Whatever your appliance needs, you can rely on the experts at Appliance Max. With a wide range of parts in stock and service that covers the entire Sarasota and Venice regions, we are your appliance experts in the area. When your refrigeration appliances break down, just give us a call.


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